I recently upgraded my Visual Studio 2015 Professional install to Update 3 from Update 1, but ran into a bunch of issues that forced me to have to revert this process. I decided what I really wanted, was Update 2, but how do you install JUST Update 2 after having Update 3 on your PC? Well, it turns out that Microsoft doesn't make it that easy to select what version you want.

I had already uninstalled Update 3, (which is in the "Installed Updates" section of "Programs and Features" in the Windows 7 Control Panel, NOT in the Change/Modify section of the Visual Studio 2015 install.) and then I ran my ISO of Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. That should install 2015 Update 2, right? Wrong. The installer does a web check to find the latest version and will try to install straight to update 3.

My next idea was to try the /NoWeb switch, which will disable this online check, but this did not work for me at all, likely because Update 3 had already been installed.

The next thing I did was find this page: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt653628.aspx, which lists "How to install a specific release of Visual Studio". That sounded perfect, but it listed Enterprise versions of VS, when I am using Professional. It turns out that that doesn't matter, and it will happily work with Professional. The page lists a bunch of manifests of each visual studio release and set of upgrades, and you just need to find the URL closest to what you want. I chose the one immediately before Update 3.

To use this information, you will need specify it on the command-line to your installer, and make sure you don't use the earlier mentioned /NoWeb, as it needs to use the internet to grab the manifest.

For me, it looked something like this:

D:\visual_studio_2015_update_2_x86_x64_dvd> VS2015.2.exe /OverrideFeedURI "http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/B/B/6BBD3561-D764-4F39-AB8E-05356A122545/20160620.2/enu/feed.xml"

Hope this helps someone!